Two tasting days at Eataly's New York stores to present the Panettone Paradiso of the POP ART line by the artist Max Ferrigno in a world preview.

Galup arrives in the United States to present the Panettone Paradiso of the new POP ART line, signed by Max Ferrigno for next Christmas, on 1 and 2 July in New York on the occasion of the Summer Fancy Food Show: the tasting will be held at the two New York stores of Eataly in the presence of the Piedmontese naturalized Sicilian artist, to let fans of overseas taste one of the flagship products of Christmas 2018, which will be available in Italy from November.

The Eataly NYC Flatiron and NYC Downtown offices will host the popsurrealist painter Max Ferrigno who will accompany the tastings by signing the wrappers of the Panettone Paradiso: this exceptional pack is inspired by the Big Sweety Dream painting that the artist created exclusively for Galup and studied specially for the occasion, as can be seen from the American-style lettering in the background. The painting will remain on display at Eataly until December.
Packaging for Galup has always been a distinctive brand: never like this year the modern taste of pop art is combined with the tradition of mother yeast.

Communicating values ​​and emotions through art is part of the path that Galup has embarked on and that has determined the beginning of the partnership with Max Ferrigno. The POP ART line by Max Ferrigno offers four packaging which are four works of art, four portraits all to be collected; an original idea in manga style to tell, with contemporary language, a great Christmas classic.

The POP ART line will be available in the Pandoro Gran Galup flavors with Chocolate Drops, Gran Galup Classic Panettone, Gran Galup Panettone with Chocolate Drops and Gran Galup Paradiso Panettone. Galup, a historic Piedmontese company, was born in Pinerolo in 1922 and, in just under 100 years, has made its famous panettone go round the world, low with the handmade IGP Piedmont hazelnut IGP glaze, thick and crunchy.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, the company, while remaining faithful to the past, has been able to innovate and grow, acquiring a national and international commercial dimension and becoming a point of reference for the excellent confectionery market. Today the Galup panettone is appreciated almost all over the world, especially in many European countries, in North America, Australia and Japan. Max Ferrigno was born in Casale Monferrato on November 14, 1977.

He made sets for Gardaland, Disneyland Paris, MiniItalia, Cow Boy Guest. In 2005, his artistic sensibility suffered a strong shock: he resumed watching old Japanese cartoons, listening to the acronyms and suddenly the echoes of childhood memory become the source of an explosion of ideas and projects. Thus begins the "popsurrealist" phase of Max Ferrigno, where cartoon characters, snacks and games of a generation become "active actors" in his works, in a riot of bright, intense and dissonant colors. In November 2010 he exhibited his first important collection in Milan, "Les Sucreries", a success that attracted the attention of many critics and fans of popsurrealism.