Galup's Easter


Health and well-being even during the holidays and lots of fun with the new colorful packs!

Galup's Easter 2018 sprinkles healthy energy thanks to the new 5-grain Doves and Raisins and Wholemeal with Candied Amarene, which alongside the Organic and Whole Wheat in the Health and Wellness Line, designed for those who are attentive to food choices even during the holidays.

For those looking for innovation also in tradition there is the new Colomba with Apricot, while the new colorful Vintage Pop Edition and Kites packs bring joy on the Easter table.

The Health and Wellness Line offers four doves perfect for those who care about balance and are attentive to raw materials but do not want to give up the taste and pleasures of tradition.

The new Colomba Gran Galup with 5 cereals and raisins has no candied fruit, only raisins. The protagonists of this recipe are the flours and the seeds: the rye bran, the soy semolina, the barley, sesame and wheat flours combine in the mixture with sunflower seeds, sesame, yellow and brown flax, giving the palate a taste and a surprising consistency, never tasted in a dove before!

The substance of the fiber and the intriguing sweetness of the candied black cherries meet in the recipe of the second novelty of the line, the Colomba Gran Galup Integrale with Candied Amarene. A synthesis between modernity and tradition, in which the choice of an unusual ingredient enhances the authenticity of an ancient flavor such as that of unrefined flour.

The line is completed by the Gran Galup Biologica, a genuine colomba prepared with ingredients coming strictly from certified organic agriculture, and by the Colomba Gran Galup Integrale, a recipe to be discovered that also uses unrefined wheat flour in the dough, which preserves intact the its best nutritional properties, particularly valuable for the well-being and balance of the organism.

For those who love tradition reinterpreted with a pinch of originality, Galup offers the new Colomba Gran Galup with Apricot. The original recipe of the Colomba Gran Galup is made even fresher and sweeter this year with the addition of large candied fruit apricots in the dough. To cover, the inevitable IGP Piedmont Hazelnut glaze, still handmade and enriched with whole toasted almonds and sugar grains.

The delicious Galup doves wrapped in colorful and fun hand-made packages with the help of twine, raffia and ribbons, which now distinguish the Piedmontese brand, will not be missing this year either, among which the new Vintage Pop Edition and Kites stand out.

The Vintage Pop Edition celebrates Galup's heritage and its creative vocation with color. In fact, it retrieves the logo and an illustration of the time from the archives, in which the company's historical telephone number still appears, and renews them in a line of packs enhanced by bright tones and ultra contemporary pop-style color contrasts.

Kites is a festive line like the lightheartedness of childhood. Everything refers to the lightness of an instant of pure joy: the colors of the packaging, coordinated with the references, have the cheerful lightness of the pastel tones, the kites, the balloons and the smile of the children photograph a special day and fix the memory of an unforgettable moment.

In respect of tradition and its history, Galup continues to use even the highest quality raw materials for the Colombe today, such as PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, whole toasted almonds, fresh eggs, selected wheat flour, fresh Italian milk, butter and selected candied fruit.

Like Panettone, also the Colombe Galup are genuine, without artificial coloring, preservatives or artificial flavors and are characterized by the handmade IGP Piedmont Hazelnut glaze, enriched with whole toasted almonds and sugar grains.

The Galup Colomba dough rises slowly and naturally for 40 hours, thanks to the use of mother yeast, the same that has always been refreshed every day with water and flour to preserve those qualities that only white mother's yeast can guarantee to the consumer: authenticity of flavors, balance in taste, soft dough and high digestibility.