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Acquista la Colomba con ingredienti di filiera e la Colomba con gocce di cioccolato e ricevi in omaggio un Carrè alle mele.

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Since 1922, Galup has been done here. In Pinerolo.

Since 1922, Galup has been made here, in the same area that saw it born. Over time, the company has grown, has acquired a national and international commercial dimension. Our panettone has gone around the world and Galup has become ...

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  • Excellent quality as always !!! And even in this situation punctuality in delivery beyond expectations !! Well done!
  • Excellent confectionery company from Pinerolo. His panettone is famous only in the upper part, Galup means greedy, the great Piedmontese comedian Macario advertised.
  • The best panettone in Turin, and beyond. Other Galup products are also available, arriving fresh from Pinerolo. Not to be missed!
  • Beautiful shop but above all the very kind and knowledgeable staff
  • Courtesy and quality The quality and goodness of the products is undisputed, the staff is always very courteous and ready to give the right advice.
  • Fabiana Balbi
  • Anna Morales
  • Alexander Teodoro Martins
  • Edoardo Zardo
  • Ileana Audisio

Our recipes

The panettone recipe that in 1922 came out of Pietro and Regina Ferrua's oven for the first time and made the fortune of their pastry shop. The panettone that changed the ...