The historic confectionery company Galup renews its link with art and participates for the fourth consecutive year in Art For Excellence, the contemporary art exhibition in Turin that meets the companies of excellence in Piedmont, combining each one with a renowned artist: appointment from 8 to 24 November, at the Mastio della Cittadella in Turin.

Galup's artistic partner is again Max Ferrigno, the talented "popsurrealist" artist originally from Casale Monferrato: therefore, both of Piedmontese excellences. Ferrigno has created a great work for Galup, acrylic on canvas, entitled "Karechan": the protagonist is a young model inspired by the Japanese cosplayer of the same name - KareChan - designed with colors that draw on the color range of the panettone and its ingredients, therefore a precise choice. The background is a texture that fades between fuchsia and pink, with words that refer to the company's DNA: "excellence", "quality", "panettone", "taste", "tradition", "1922".

Ferrigno thus married the love for manga taste and his strong personality with the key concepts of Galup, a company that has always been known for its unique and immediately recognizable packaging. It is no coincidence that the well-established collaboration between Galup and Max Ferrigno during the various editions of Art For Excellence has also translated into a line of Panettoni and Pandori from the Piedmontese company: the POP ART range by Max Ferrigno. The acrylics created by the artist have been transformed into wrappers, to interpret a great Christmas classic in a contemporary key and dress the most glamorous and metropolitan Christmas tables.