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Galup: historic brand of national interest

March 16, 2021 2 min read

Galup: marchio storico di interesse Nazionale - Galup® Store Ufficiale

Galup is much more than a brand, it is a beautiful Italian reality, a story that mixes with life, with the childhood of many of us.

It is an original recipe, a panettone different from the others, which has been produced in Pinerolo since 1922, in the same territory that saw it born.

Galup is a precious legacy, which today the Ministry of Economic Development , through the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, has recognized and given importance, through the authorization for registration in the Special Register prepared for Historical Trademarks.

GALUP PANETTONE FERRUA GALUP SPA PINEROLO therefore receives the recognition of Historic Brand of national interest , crowning a long and important journey of the Piedmontese confectionery company which, in March 1957, registered its brand for the first time.

Tradition, passion for goodness, love for quality. These are the values ​​that inspire the work of our team. Galup panettone is still produced today in a family atmosphere, with the contribution of men and women, who preserve the memory of an important history and make the most of it to develop new and refined recipes, and enrich the range of new combinations.” declares Giuseppe Bernocco , President of Galup – “We work every day with great seriousness, without sparing ourselves, to grow the company while respecting the ancient Piedmontese tradition it represents. We therefore welcome with deep gratitude this recognition for a brand that has always managed to convey great emotions and take us back to a bygone time, a time characterized by slowness, joy, good and precious things, done well. A brand which, today even more, is a Piedmontese and Italian pride.”

Today, that low Piedmontese panettone, covered with hazelnut icing, which revolutionized the history of one of the most well-known Italian desserts in the world, is a historic brand. Galup is a unique product of declared and certified national interest.

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