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Galup focuses on the Wellness Line

March 16, 2021 4 min read

Galup punta sulla Linea Benessere - Galup® Store Ufficiale

Galup is not just a brand: it is a story. A beautiful Italian story and the Colomba was born from this story.

Galup's offering remains faithful to its tradition, time has not changed anything. For the production of the Colomba, only PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, free-range eggs, selected wheat flour, fresh Italian milk, butter and candied fruit continue to be used. The mother yeast has been the same since 1922 and is revived every day with water and flour to keep its organoleptic qualities intact.

For Easter 2021, Galup offers the Colomba with ingredients from the Gran Galup supply chain , a reference that is told starting from its packaging, specially created to reveal traceable ingredients from an ISO 22005 certified supply chain: milk and butter from a short and certified Inalpi supply chain, sugar from Italy Sugars, eggs and flour. But it also tells the story of the Italian nature of this product, for the creation of which candied cherries and oranges of Italian origin are used which enrich the dough, Piedmont PGI hazelnuts which make up the famous and unmistakable glaze, as well as Avola almonds, sugar icing, starch and rice flour, salt and essential oil all Made in Italy.

Galup's offer, however, does not stop at traditional Colombe. A company that has always been attentive to market changes and the real needs and demands of consumers, offers the WELLNESS LINE .
This Easter 2021, packaging will play, as always, a fundamental role. For Galup it is and will always remain an important and distinctive element, not only in the graphics but also in the support: the thick and porous matt paper, the raw twine pulled double with the knot, the exact and punctual drawings of a naturalistic encyclopedia, the italics of the texts , characterize the Wellness Line and every detail helps to communicate the uniqueness of a confectionery universe that stands out for its authentic and ancient flavours, which enhance the value and integrity of the raw material.
THE WHOLE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA : a recipe to discover, whose originality comes from the use of wholemeal flour in the dough. Rich in fibre, it will win over health enthusiasts, but also lovers of taste and unusual flavours.
An innovation that does not give up and goes well with the flavors of our tradition, the Colomba Gran Galup Integrale is in fact covered with PGI Piedmont Hazelnut glaze, whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar.
WHOLE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA WITH CHERRIES : the consistency of the fiber and the intriguing sweetness of candied cherries for an unusual recipe with wholemeal flour in the dough.
A new union between innovation and tradition, in which the choice of black cherry does not cover but enhances the authenticity of the intense and ancient flavor of the unrefined flour. Topping: Piedmont Hazelnut IGP glaze, whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar.
ORGANIC GRAN GALUP COLOMBA: milk, butter, eggs, orange, hazelnuts, sugar. All ingredients come from guaranteed organic farming. It is a genuine dove, dedicated to regular consumers of organic products, to the curious, but also to those looking for a dessert that enhances the natural qualities of the raw materials. The organic Colomba Gran Galup is covered with PGI Piedmont hazelnut icing, whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar.
THE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA WITH TURMERIC: an innovative and particular recipe with the addition of turmeric in the dough. A flavor to discover. Turmeric, which has always been appreciated in the East for its qualities, makes Colomba Galup unique and will win over lovers of intense and unusual flavours. The Colomba Gran Galup with Turmeric is covered with PGI Piedmont Hazelnut glaze, whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar.
THE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA WITH KHORASAN FLOUR AND CRANBERRIES: Khorasan flour, rich in proteins, zinc, magnesium and vitamin E, gives a special Colomba with a surprising and memorable taste. Durum flour, which once ground is soft and tender, produces a consistent but soft dough, which enhances the sweet and sour flavor of the Cranberries, the "American cranberries", with their well-known antioxidant properties. A new and surprising recipe that does not lose the taste of tradition thanks to the covering of PGI Piedmont Hazelnut icing, enriched with granulated sugar and whole toasted almonds.
THE TRADITIONAL GLUTEN-FREE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA: it is the one that offers the greatest possibilities for sharing, because it can be consumed by everyone and in all families. Gluten-free, in fact, does not mean tasteless. The Gluten Free Gran Galup Colomba preserves the best qualities and aromas of the traditional recipe without compromise: fresh candied fruit and top-quality raisins are added to the soft and tasty dough. The colomba is finally garnished with PGI Piedmont hazelnut icing, enriched with whole toasted almonds and granulated sugar. A production dedicated to those who need to exclude gluten from their diet, but do not want to give up the flavors and joy of the traditional Colomba.
THE GRAN GALUP COLOMBA WITH GLUTEN-FREE CHOCOLATE CHIPS: the addition of extra dark chocolate chips to the soft dough offers an unforgettable delicious touch and unmistakable aromas. Without raisins and candied fruit and covered with PGI Piedmont hazelnut icing, enriched with granulated sugar and whole toasted almonds, it will be appreciated by adults and children. For a truly festive and shared Easter.
All Galup Colombe are available in Galup stores and in the e-commerce site , as well as in supermarkets, the best pastry shops,

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