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October 04, 2021 2 min read

Galup, an important Piedmontese company in the confectionery sector of which he made the
history, both in Italy and abroad, with its short, wide and glazed panettone,
takes the field and does it in style with an operation that certainly
it will mark a turning point.
On Friday 30 September 2021 – President Giuseppe Bernocco – has indeed
the agreement was signed with Domori SpA – for the acquisition of the Streglio brand,
also including the know-how and ancillary and functional rights to the brand, of
historic company famous for its production of gianduiotti, cremini, pralines and
Fruit jellies.
“This new project” – declares Bernocco – “is a step forward for Galup
important, which we followed up also because we know what it is
the importance of valorising our territory and our region.
An acquisition therefore made with the desire to maintain a historic brand and
important, like Streglio, in the Piedmontese territory. Daily work e
passion, are the ingredients that we use today and that make us inseparable
part of our corporate philosophy. A path that we take with a strong
sense of belonging to our land, and with a vision of a certain way of
doing business based on rigorous quality, work ethic and predisposition to
change and innovation. With this operation one is strengthened
collaboration shared for some time with Domori, bringing together three symbolic companies
of the Piedmontese confectionery tradition".
Galup then takes the field and the plans for tomorrow are already today: the
extraordinary recipes from the historic Streglio will be entrusted to the knowledgeable
hands of important "Maitrè Chocolatier", to create innovative proposals that
they bring with them the flavor of tradition. The Pinerolo company is also
by creating a relaunch and valorization project that will allow new
Streglio branded references, new life and new placement in the range
The beautiful and important history of Galup continues to broaden its scope,
after Golosi di Salute with artisanal pastries, Pasticceria Cuneo with
gluten-free products and Mandrile Melis with its history of passion for
chocolate, further expands towards new and important projects.

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