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Summer 2023: Galup launches Panettone D'AMARE, with a summer touch

August 07, 2023 2 min read

Estate 2024: il Panettone D’AMARE. - Galup® Store Ufficiale

Summer is the perfect season to relax and enjoy the pleasures of life: what's better than a delicious summer panettone to make the days even sweeter? We launched Panettone D'AMARE, a special edition perfect for summer. This summer panettone is available in two variants, both made with high quality ingredients and a touch of freshness that makes every bite a unique experience.

Panettone D'AMARE: a summer reinterpretation

Galup's Panettone D'AMARE is the result of a reinterpretation of the classic Christmas panettone. This traditional dessert, which is usually associated with winter holidays, is reinvented to adapt to hot summer days. We've expertly added a summery twist to panettone, creating two variations that capture the distinctive flavors and aromas of summer.

Panettone with candied lemon flavored with basil

The first summer panettone proposed by Galup is the Panettone D'AMARE with candied lemon flavored with basil. This summer delight has a soft and fragrant dough enriched with candied Sicilian lemon peel. The natural scent of basil gently envelops the palate, creating a harmony of fresh and aromatic flavours. A unique combination of ingredients that gives panettone a unique and irresistible character.

Panettone with tropical fruits

The second variant of Panettone D'AMARE is enriched with a mix of tropical fruits: semi-candied pineapple, mango and papaya cubes give the panettone an exotic and inviting flavour. Furthermore, the presence of orange paste mixed directly into the dough makes each bite even more enveloping and fragrant. This panettone is a real journey to tropical beaches, offering a unique tasting experience.

Galup quality: tradition and innovation

We represent tradition and innovation in the world of pastry making. Each D'AMARE panettone is carefully produced using only top quality ingredients. The flour, Galup sourdough starter, fresh eggs and butter are kneaded and leavened slowly for 40 hours, guaranteeing a fragrant and delicious final result. We pay great attention to the selection of raw materials and processing, ensuring that each panettone is a work of art of taste and quality.

A delicious idea for every occasion

Panettone D'AMARE is the perfect delicious idea to enrich summer tables. This summer dessert can be enjoyed alone or paired with fresh ice cream for an even more delicious touch. It is ideal for a sweet break during a relaxing day on the beach or to share a moment of pleasure with friends and family. With its unique flavors and irresistible fragrance, Panettone D'AMARE is a perfect gift to give (or to be made) to celebrate summer.

Where to buy Panettone D'AMARE

Panettone D'AMARE will be available for purchase again at the end of August. You can purchase it exclusively in our online store or at the Galup store in Pinerolo. Furthermore, you can find Panettone D'AMARE in the best selected shops. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this summer delicacy and treat yourself to a moment of pure pleasure.

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