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Panettone: the traditional Italian dessert

September 12, 2023 2 min read

Il Panettone: il Dolce Tradizionale Italiano - Galup® Store Ufficiale

Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas dessert, known for its soft texture and delicate flavour. This dessert originates from the Milan region, in northern Italy, and has become a true icon of the Christmas holidays.

The History of Panettone

Panettone has ancient origins, dating back to the Middle Ages, but it was in the 19th century that it acquired its current shape and recipe. It is said that panettone was created for the first time by a young Milanese pastry chef named Toni, who, on the occasion of a Christmas banquet, decided to prepare a special dessert for his guests.

The Ingredients of Galup Traditional Panettone

The traditional Galup panettone is made with a leavened dough that contains flour, eggs, butter, sugar and natural yeast. The paste is enriched with the addition of raisins and candied fruit, which give the dessert a unique flavor and a pleasant sweetness. Some variations may also include the addition of chocolate or dried fruit.

How to Recognize a Good Panettone

A good panettone can be recognized by its soft and light consistency, with a golden and crunchy crust. When cutting the panettone, it is important to observe the uniform presence of raisins and candied fruit inside the cake. The fragrance of the panettone should be inviting, with hints of vanilla and citrus fruits.

Galup Stuffed Panettone

In addition to traditional panettone, there are also filled variations of the dessert, which add an even more delicious touch to the Christmas dessert. Reinterpretations that maintain tradition and innovate from a taste point of view.

Stuffed Panettone Recipe, but Homemade :-)


• The traditional Galup panettone

• Orange custard

• Chocolate custard

• Ganache Chocolate


1. Prepare the orange and chocolate custards following the respective recipes.

2. Cut the traditional Galup panettone into thick slices, leaving the base slightly thicker than the other slices.

3. Spread the orange custard on the first slice of panettone and cover with the second slice.

4. Pour the chocolate custard onto the second slice and cover with the third slice.

5. Continue alternating layers of panettone and cream until you run out of ingredients.

6. Cover the panettone with the chocolate ganache and decorate with orange peels. ù

7. Leave to cool and serve the stuffed panettone to your guests. Panettone is a Christmas dessert loved all over the world for its delicacy and its unique flavour.

Enjoy your meal!

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