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November 04, 2020 4 min read


The Le Galuperie brand finds a new look: a new range of packs signed by the historic Piedmontese confectionery company Galup, which brings the tradition and chocolate excellence of its territory , Piedmont, throughout Italy.

Pralines, Creams, Gianduiotti, Cremini and many other chocolate-based products are presented with a restyling of the line and recipes : products that reflect current tastes, a vast assortment for every palate, but the same care and excellence that distinguishes Le Galuperie since 1955.

The two great innovations concern the "Gianduja cream without added sugars" and the new line of loose pralines . Great attention was paid to the restyling also for the other products, from spreadable creams to Nisulot, from Gianduiotti to Tavolette and Napolitain.

All Galuperie will be on sale from mid-October on the Galup online shop ( ), in Galup stores and in the best pastry shops!



The Galup Creme , delicious and velvety, are enriched with a new recipe : the " Gianduja Cream without added sugars" . Delicious and velvety, it envelops the palate and keeps the sweet but intense flavor of Gianduja unchanged. All the goodness in a jar: made with the best cocoa and the finest Piedmont hazelnuts , it is ideal for spreading on bread for breakfast and as a snack or for filling cakes and other home-made preparations, for a real boost of energy!

Galup Creme are also available in the “Dark Chocolate Cream” and “Gianduja Cream” flavours.

All Galup Creams are packaged in a 250 g glass jar .


The “Le Galuperie” Pralines are renewed with a new line to be discovered and tasted: 18 recipes, of which 5 are alcoholic , united by the classic praline format and the skilful balance of taste developed by Galup.

Galup has been creating its own Le Galuperie pralines since 1955, according to their inventor's original recipe: the milk or dark chocolate on the outside encloses the soft filling.

The 5 alcoholic pralines from Galup are ideal for those who love to indulge in a sweet and intense treat , for a tasting like true connoisseurs:

  • Praline Barolo Chinato , which combines the flavor of dark chocolate with the spicy notes of Barolo Chinato
  • Cherry praline , always covered in dark chocolate, with a cherry heart
  • Pralina Zabaione , which combines a delicate Marsala cream in crunchy milk chocolate
  • Pralina Grand Orange , which discovers the charm of great orange cognac in a dark chocolate coating
  • Rhum Praline , the classic, in which dark chocolate covers a soft quality rum filling

The 13 non-alcoholic pralines , on the other hand, come in the shape of a bow and can be based on dark or milk chocolate. Among the most original, which follow the trend of current flavours, are the Pistachio Dark Praline, the Milk Praline with Salted Caramel, the Coconut Dark Praline and the Sacher Dark Praline. 

For those looking for a gift to take to dinner at a friend's house or as a gift for some special occasion, Galup offers the Magnetic Box: the elegance of the packaging reveals a tasting unboxing!


Galup offers two great classics : chocolate bars and Napolitain chocolates , milk or dark.

The tablets are excellent for recharging energy during the day or accompanied by a good rum on colder evenings.

Milk chocolate bars are created by expertly balancing the best cocoa with milk: sweets, for an authentic pleasure!

The dark chocolate bars, on the other hand, are made by selecting the best cocoa beans, processed according to the Piedmontese chocolate making tradition, for a high intensity tasting experience.

Galup chocolate bars are available to the public at the price of Euro 3.50.

Napolitains, on the other hand, are created specifically for tasting: square in shape, small and thin, delicate and light , they become the perfect treat to enjoy a good coffee at any break during the day.


Galup reinterprets a classic from the Turin high school of chocolate : the Cremino . Designed with passion and made with experience, Galup Cremini are characterized by extreme softness. Their shape is characteristic: square, three layers, with the two external bases Gianduja flavoured.

Galup offers its Cremini in two variants : the Cremini Fondenti , with two tender layers of Gianduja and a strong dark heart, in an intense but delicate play of contrasts; the Hazelnut Cremini instead pay homage to the excellence of the Piedmont Hazelnut PGI and the historical tradition of Galup in processing it and are presented with two external layers of Gianduja and a heart of hazelnut paste .

Furthermore, Galup creates “I Cremini in gift packaging” , presented in two elegant boxes :

one of 10 Classic Galup Cremini and one of 24 Assorted Cremini .


Gianduiotto is a recognized and protected Turin specialty that has now become loved throughout the world. Galup offers its Gianduiotti in two variants , both available in traditional format or in mini format :

  • The classic Gianduiotto , wrapped in the historic golden paper which has always enhanced its upside-down boat shape , with its intense and unmistakable aroma of Piedmont Hazelnut PGI which is the true protagonist of this creation.
  • the dark Gianduiotto , wrapped in dark brown paper , which reflects the darker taste of this innovative delicacy, made with a higher percentage of low-fat cocoa and without milk . The bitter flavor of dark chocolate balances perfectly with the sweetness of PGI Piedmont hazelnuts.

Galup also offers two elegant gift packs with a gold foil logo : one with 10 Classic Gianduiotti and one with 25 assorted Gianduiotti , both classic and dark.


Nisulot are a typical praline that celebrates the encounter between milk or dark chocolate with a whole hazelnut . The raw materials, cocoa and hazelnuts, are carefully chosen to be fine ingredients.

Galup offers the "Nisulot Galup, Mixed Case" package in ready-made packaging: 300 grams of assorted Nisulot, milk or dark , to always enjoy the prominence of the hazelnut and the pleasure of chocolate, more intense or sweeter.

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