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Galup winning company

December 17, 2022 2 min read

Galup impresa vincente - Galup® Store Ufficiale

The awards ceremony for the 2022 "Winning Companies" for the areas of Piedmont and Liguria took place on Wednesday 9 November, in the splendid setting of the Varco Auditorium in Cuneo. An event that is part of the roadshow organized by Intesa Sanpaolo, now in its fourth edition this year and which is confirmed to be growing also due to the growing number of SMEs who have voluntarily submitted applications. In fact, the data shows 4000 candidate companies, of which 140 were selected throughout the national territory and of these 10 are present in the geographical areas of Piedmont and Liguria.

A particularly significant fourth edition for the themes to which the project referred, with particular attention to the issues relating to investments, innovation, sustainability, human capital, exports, international presence and relationship with the territory.

Ten excellences, operating in different product sectors, which had the opportunity to tell their stories, sharing great stories of entrepreneurship, including Galup , which receives this recognition in a particularly important year. In fact, 2022 marks the achievement of the milestone of the first 100 years of history for the Pinerolo company.
An objective which - as underlined by Stefano Borromeo - CEO Galup - constitutes a real source of pride for a company that is part of the history of Italian fine pastry making, a brand that is a faithful companion to Italians' moments of celebration. “ Our history begins in 1922, but it is 2014 when our recent history begins, with the arrival at the helm of the company of Giuseppe Bernocco and his partner Sebastiano Astegiano . In fact, since 2014 we have carried out an investment program that has affected the entire Pinerolo plant, machinery and equipment. Today we are a quality industry whose growth is characterized by small and continuous steps towards the future. And it is with this philosophy that one of Galup's main investments has been and is represented by human capital, by those people who live a growing company on a daily basis. The Galup team in fact has an average age of around 30 years, and is part integral part of the future we want to build".

A 2022 therefore full of exciting moments for Galup which celebrates its 100th anniversary also with this recognition as a Winning Enterprise , moments which contribute to making an all-Italian story that began in 1922 with the invention of the panettone that never exists even more beautiful and interesting era.

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