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October 03, 2019 3 min read


For the fifth consecutive year, Galup will be MAIN SPONSOR of the prestigious International Alba White Truffle Fair, a renowned event which will be held this year from 5 October to 24 November with the theme "The perfect balance".

The Pinerolo company proudly reconfirms its support for this eighty-eighth edition of the famous Fair, the city's flagship event where the TCN Group, a group of which Galup is part, is also based, chaired by Giuseppe Bernocco. Galup will be present in the beating heart of the event, at the Alba White Truffle World Market: open every Saturday and Sunday in October and November, it is an exhibition area in the historic center where you can appreciate and purchase not only the best of the truffles from the woods of Langhe Roero and Monferrato but also many other gastronomic delicacies.

Among these, there will also be the best specialties and Galup Panettoni, increasingly loved in Italy but also abroad, which will become among the protagonists of this important international showcase dedicated to Piedmontese culinary excellence. Visitors to the Fair will thus be able to discover some of the delicacies available all year round, perfect for making breakfast, snacks or after dinner special, such as marron glacé, krumiri, truffles and the Torta Millenovecentoventidue, a very tasty re-edition of an ancient recipe by the founder of Galup Monsù Ferrua, today available in two versions, with Piedmont Hazelnut PGI and with Avola Almonds. There will also be the Merenda of the past, the soft and light snack like the Galup panettone dough covered with the famous PGI Piedmont Hazelnut icing and available in two variants: with strawberries and with chocolate chips.

From November 3rd, visitors will also be able to find a preview of some of the Panettone that the company will prepare for Christmas 2019, such as the Gran Galup Classico, the original recipe for short panettone covered with handmade PGI hazelnut icing enriched with whole almonds and granulated sugar, and the brand new Panettone Gran Galup with Turmeric, a recipe waiting to be discovered whose originality comes precisely from the use of this particular ingredient in the dough.

Galup is one of the companies that best represents the history and excellence of Piedmontese confectionery: founded in 1922 in Pinerolo by Monsu Ferrua, who first invented the short panettone with the hand-made crunchy Piedmont Hazelnut IGP icing, over the years it has refined the recipes and preparations, maintaining the personality and quality of its desserts unchanged, characteristics which in just a few years earned the pastry shop the patent of Supplier of the Royal House.

The company's creations still today have the flavor and authenticity of homemade desserts, peculiarities that have contributed to the Panettone and Colomba Galup traveling around the world: today the company, which is still located in Pinerolo, has acquired a national and international commercial dimension and Galup is a Piedmontese and Italian excellence recognized by all taste enthusiasts even abroad.

In 96 years of history the company has been able to innovate and renew itself, each year offering references and recipes capable of satisfying new food tastes and market needs; Galup is the ideal brand for consumers who choose quality, the number one objective of the company's new management which, in recent years, has managed to give a positive trend to the economic trend. The turnover is in fact growing strongly and the use of human resources is evolving, confirming a deep relationship with the territory.

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