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Breadsticks covered in milk chocolate 150g

Breadsticks covered in milk chocolate.

The sweetness of milk chocolate softly envelops the crunchy breadstick. A little sweet remains in the savory, a little savory in the sweet. Difficult to stop after the first bite, difficult to stop at just one breadstick. A refined treat for a break or a snack different from the usual, to try - why not? - even at breakfast.


Breadsticks covered with milk chocolate.

The sweetness of milk chocolate smoothly covers the crunchy breadstick. A sweet and salty taste ideal for a different snack, to give at breakfast too.


Ingredients: Milk chocolate 72% (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifiers: soy and sunflower lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), breadsticks 28% [type “00” soft wheat flour, coconut oil sunflower 11%, malt extract (barley, corn semolina), yeast, salt]. May contain nuts, sesame, mustard and eggs.

STORAGE METHOD: store in a cool, dry place at a maximum temperature of 16-18°C. The product must not be presented in showcases exposed to the sun or near heat sources.

Ingredients: Milk chocolate 72% (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered milk, cocoa paste, emulsifiers: soy and sunflowers lecithins, Natural vanilla flavouring), breadstick 28% [wheat flour, sunflower oil 11%, malt extract (barley, corn semolina) , yeast, salt].

STORAGE CONDITIONS: store in a cool, dry place at a max. temperatures of 16-18°C. Do not expose the product to sunlight or heat sources.

Valori nutrizionali

Nutritional information per 100g/ Average nutritional values ​​per 100g: Energy value/ Energy 2138 Kj/ 511 Kcal; Fat / Fat 27g, of which saturated fatty acids/ of which saturates 15g; Carbohydrates/ Carbohydrate 59 g, of which sugars/ of which sugars 41g; Fibres/ fibers 2g; Protein / Protein 8g; salt/salt 0.83g


Ottimi come snack. Perfetti per una golosa merenda.