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GliAironi and Galup present a special panettone for Christmas 2020

December 03, 2020 1 min read

GliAironi e Galup presentano  uno speciale panettone  per il Natale 2020 - Galup Store

If it is true that "rice is at the center of everything", as has always been the gliAironi claim, it is equally true that panettone is at the center of Christmas.

So, for this Christmas, the company symbolizing the excellence of Vercelli rice gliAironi has chosen a high-level partner to create a unique and special panettone.

Galup, a history of local entrepreneurship, with an almost centenary tradition in the production of great Christmas leavened products, has been able to interpret the products of gliAironi by creating an unrivaled limited edition panettone.

Thus was born Nero, the creative panettone but with roots firmly in the territory.

A panettone made with rice flour, and embellished with candied rice grains and drops of gelled black sake.

A panettone that tells a story. A story made of traditions that come together: the excellence of Vercelli rice, the ritual of Japanese sake, the art of Pinerolo leavening.

Bringing them together is Penelope, a variety of local black rice that we wanted to rediscover to make excellent products: our Black sake, unique in the world, and a light and tasty rice flour.

A unique product, a Gran Galup panettone made with excellent ingredients and with the addition of drops of gelled sake in the dough, worked according to the artisan tradition, characterized by long and patient leavening, from which a completely innovative product is born.

Nero will be available for purchase at Risotterie gliAironi, Galup stores in Turin and Pinerolo and also online on the Galup e-shop – .


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