Galup it's a story.
A wonderful Italian story.


Since 1922, Galup has been made right here, in the very territory in which it was created. Over the years, the company has grown and acquired a national and international commercial dimension. Our panettone has travelled all around the world and Galup has established itself as a recognised Italian product of excellence, but to this day, the streets of Pinerolo remain the most important location for Galup. Via del Duomo and Via del Pino, where Pietro Ferrua and his wife Regina bought an old red-brick bakery and transformed it, day after day, into the most well-loved pastry shop of the village; the streets in the historic centre and Via Fenestrelle, where the company first began business back in 1948, and where Galup is still produced to this day.

Galup is a name, an original recipe, a Panettone that stands out from all the others. Before Galup, the only panettone around was the Milanese variety. The low panettone with a hazelnut frosting was invented by Mr Pietro Ferrua, who was born in the Langhe region before then settling in Pinerolo. Pietro Ferrua also went by the name of Monsù Ferrua. The idea was his, as was the recipe. A brilliant, tasty innovation that offers a new take on an ancient tradition from the Lombardy region, giving rise to a new staple of fine Piedmontese pastry-making. The recipe has been fine-tuned over the years, but the basic characteristics have remained the same as those created by Pietro Ferrua back in 1922, which led to his pastry shop earning the title of licensed supplier for the Royal House of Savoy.


We want to be the ideal partners and present at every event; the delicious, everyday companions, the eager thought of every lover of good, traditional sweets which are also innovative without compromising on quality.


We want to be a point of reference on the confectionery market of excellency, an example for our choice of raw materials and for the ability to propose the best products in our tradition, made with the same care for years but with a constant search for perfection that only nowadays one can have. We want to grow together with our loyal clients for a truly better world.


Tradition, passion for what’s good and love of quality. These are the values that inspire our team’s work: a group made up of people who respect one another, call each other by name and understand the difference between listening and hearing. We know the value of every party moment and want to share it with you to make each of your smiles unique, day after day.