Since 1922, Galup has been made here, in the same area that saw it born. Over time, the company has grown, has acquired a national and international commercial dimension. Our panettone has gone around the world and Galup has become a recognized Italian excellence, but the important streets of Galup still remain those of Pinerolo today. Via del Duomo and via del Pino, where Pietro Ferrua and his wife Regina took over an old red brick oven to transform it day after day into the most popular pastry shop in the town, the streets of the historic center and via Fenestrelle, where industrial history began in 1948 of the company and where Galup is still produced today.

Galup is a name, an original recipe, a panettone different from the others. Before Galup, the panettone was only the Milanese one. The low panettone with hazelnut glaze is an intuition of Pietro Ferrua, Langhe by birth, Pinerolo by adoption. Pietro Ferrua known as Monsù Ferrua. His idea, his recipe. An innovation, brilliant and tasty, which reinterprets an ancient Lombard tradition to give life to a new classic of Piedmontese haute patisserie. Over time the recipe has refined, but the personality of the dessert is always the same, the same one that Pietro Ferrua gave him in 1922 and that in a few years earned his patisserie the patent of Supplier of the Royal House.


We want to be the ideal and desired partners of every occasion, the delicious companions of every day, the greedy thought of every lover of good, traditional and at the same time innovative dessert, without compromising on quality.


We want to be a point of reference in the confectionery market of excellence, an example for the choice of raw materials and for the ability to offer the best products of our tradition, made with the same care for years but with the constant search for perfection that only today you can have it. We want to grow together with our loyal customers for a truly better world.


Tradition, passion for goodness, love for quality. These are the values that inspire the work of our team: a group made up of people who respect each other, call each other by name and know the difference between listening and feeling. We know the value of every moment of celebration and we want to share it with you to make your every smile unique, day by day.


Pietro Ferrua's original recipe deserved a packaging that would enhance its uniqueness. It had to be low and wide, just like our panettone is low and wide. And then it had to have a style detail that made it different from all the others. Hence the idea of giving the lid an octagonal perimeter with rounded edges, eliminating the corners and replacing them with triangles that descend towards the square base. This is how the shape of our historical packaging was born, from a die immediately covered by a patent and still today reproducible only by Galup. That's why our panettone is immediately recognizable and everyone remembers it.
It is unique, even from the outside. It is lower, wider, softer.