Brick-shaped coffee packet 250g

Brick-shaped coffee packet 250g

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The Espresso Coffee Special Selection Ground Moka is the result of a blend of best quality coffees from the Central America and the highlands of East Africa finished with a correct and thorough roasting. The special grind is perfect for all types of mokas and offers connoisseurs a blend of high quality with a strong aroma.


Nutrition information - Average values 100g: Energy value 1310 kJ/ 318 kcalFats 12,0g, of which saturates 5,1gCarbohydrates 16,0gof which sugars 7,2gProteins 11,0g; Salt 0,17g.

Store in a cool, dry place at a max. temperature of 18 ÷ 20°C. Do not expose the product to sunlight or heat sources.