Krumiri Biscuits in Flowpack 250g

Krumiri Biscuits in Flowpack 250g

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Sweetness and practicality in every moment of your day. The Flowpack wrapping guarantees freshness and comfort wherever and whenever you want, for a healthy and tasty snack.

INGREDIENTS: Soft wheat flour type “0” – Fresh butter - Sugar - Eggs of fresh class A from free range hens - Vanilla.

May contain traces of nuts.

Origin of ingredients:EU and non-EU

Nutrition information - Average values 100g: Energy value:1809 kJ/ 432 kcal; Fats 21,0g, of which saturates 11,9g; Carbohydrates 58,3g, of which sugars 21,5g, Proteins 6,1g; Salt 0.05g.

Best before 31/03/2021

Store in a cool, dry place at a max. temperature of 18 ÷ 20°C. Do not expose the product to sunlight or heat sources.