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November 04, 2020 2 min read


An intuition can become a connecting bridge that promotes Italian excellence in the world: this is the meaning of the new launch of Galup, a historic Piedmontese brand in the pastry world, born in Pinerolo, in the province of Turin, in 1922.

And the Galup Turkey , the Galup Turkey , was born from an intuition. Reworking the traditional colomba, one of the most well-known Galup references, maintaining both the classic dough made with eggs, selected wheat flour, fresh Italian milk and butter, to which delicious pieces of Marrons Glacès are added, and the traditional craftsmanship characterized by a long leavening thanks to that mother yeast which, since 1922, has been revived daily so that it preserves all its organoleptic qualities intact. Crunchy, irregular, delicious and unique, the Glaze on the Galup Turkey will be the same as always: based on PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts, decorated with pieces of almonds and granulated sugar.

So here is a traditional dessert presented in a completely unusual format: the 3 kg Galup Turkey .

Three kilos of sweet, fragrant and delicious Galup Turkey making its debut, in Limited Edition , with a simultaneous launch in Italy, the USA and Canada.
A real bridge of gluttony and excellence, a traditional dessert in a special format which also becomes the protagonist of one of the most important anniversaries for America: Thanksgiving Day - which this year will be celebrated on November 26th. A sweet alternative that will also open up to the market of vegetarian consumers, who will be able to celebrate the traditional anniversary with a turkey made with eggs, flour, milk and butter, which brings with it all the skilful art of Italian pastry making.

Galup Turkey will be available in Italy, in a limited edition, and can be purchased exclusively online on the website , while in the United States and Canada the Limited Edition will be distributed at Eataly stores.

An idea that will allow Galup customers to bring a new and innovative dessert to the table and that will act as an ambassador of Italian excellence in the two worlds, to reconfirm, once again, how Made in Italy food is synonymous with quality, selected ingredients and accurate workmanship.   

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